Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day? We believe, we believe! There’s some science behind these aphrodisiac Valentine’s food gifts, like chocolate increasing blood flow to lots of parts of the body, or oysters providing tons of protein for stamina. Plus, it’s just sexy to have your beloved make you your favorite foods and serve it with love.

Even if it’s a placebo effect, we’ll take it. Hey, tired parents need all the help we can get.

Here are some Valentine’s food gifts that pack a lot of romance (and protein and other good stuff) nto a romantic dinner at home for two. These are some real deal Valentine’s food gifts — sexier, more artisanal, more memorable than a box of soggy supermarket chocolate-covered strawberries. And in the end, even the splurges are more affordable than an overpriced prix fixe dinner out and a sitter.

Let’s get those aphrodisiac foods on the table, and make romance at home. After the kids are in bed, of course. Or give them the Netflix password, they’ll be fine. – Kate, with Liz

Top images: Island Creek Oysters, Regiis Ova Caviar

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10 Romantic, Aphrodisiac Valentine’s Food Gifts

From incredibly fresh oysters, to the best cuts of steaks, to a little bubbly to toast with, we say, use February 14 to shower your partner with deliciousness. Just be sure to order these romantic Valentine’s food gifts ASAP. While most will ship overnight or two-day to keep them fresh, lots will sell out.

Aphrodisiac food gifts for a sexy Valentine's Dinner at Home | Cool Mom Eats

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1. Oysters, of course

Aphrodisiac Valentine's food gifts for a sexy night at home: Fresh oysters delivered to your home, from Island Creek Oysters

Are you craving raw bar delicacies to kick off your night with a classic aphrodisiac treat? Island Creek Oysters are known for shipping absolutely fresh oysters in beautiful packaging, giving you an indulgent start to your meal. Just be sure you’ve got a good shucker on hand!.

Other options: Welfleet Oysters from Masachusetts, Oysters from Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, and Bar Harbor oysters from Maine — so popular, you’ve got to get yourself on their wait list!

2. The best caramels

Aphrodisiac Valentine's food gifts for a sexy night at home: Gourmet Fleur de Sel caramels are less expected than chocolate

In my humble opinion, gourmet handcrafted caramels are much sexier than chocolate. (Fight me!) Personally, I’d die happy with a -pack of French Fleur de Sal caramels from Paris Caramels. They are soft, buttery, and exquisite. A 9-pack of their Fleur de Sel caramels are available if you just want a little nibble.

3. The best caviar

Best caviar shipping for Valentine's Day: Regiis Ova from Chef Thomas Keller

Aphrodisiac Valentine food gifts: Splurge on a luxury tin of caviar from Regiis Ova.

For the best caviar for Valentine’s Day, turn to renown Chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry and Per Se and his sustainable Regiis Ova caviar.It’s a luxury indulgence, and you feel it the second you open the beautiful gift box. The ultimate aphrodisiac for Valentine’s Day? It’s up there.

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4. Bubbly (that doesn’t have to cost a fortune)

One Hope's award winning sparkling Brut is an affordable Valentine's Day treat

If you plan to have a bottle of bubbly with dinner, it doesn’t have to be $89! Stop by your local liquor store, or check out the award-winning  Vintner Sparkling Brut from One Hope Wines. it gets stellar reviews, and it’s under $30 a bottle! Best of all, any bottle at all from One Hope gives back 10% to any non-profit at all that you choose, from your local school to an organization providing clean water around the globe.

5. Chocolate…in fondue form

Aphrodisiacs for Valentine's Day: Chocolate in melty, sexy fondue form. This All-Clad fondue set is perfect for it

Chocolate is of course a classic aphrodisiac and while there are tons of gourmet chocolate boxes and decadent ways to serve chocolate there’s something classically romantic about a decadent chocolate fondue. This All-Clad Fondue Set at Williams-Sonoma is popular because it lasts forever, or check out the stunning Le Creuset cast iron fondue pot in white — or perfect for Valentine’s Day — sexy red.

For dinner, this highly rated chocolate fondue recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, and make sure you’re using high quality chocolate chips like Ghirardelli.Semi-sweet, never milk chocolate. At least if you want all the benefits.

6. A gourmet cheese plate

Aphrodisiac Valentine's food gifts for a sexy night at home: A rich and creamy cheese board from Rogue Creamery

I’m one of those people who’d rather enjoy a rich slice of creamy Roquefort for dessert than something sweet. And hey, blue cheese is considered an aphrodisiac. Check out this blue cheese sampler platter from Oregon’s Rogue Creamery, which is perfect for two — with leftovers.

Wooden heart cheese board, handmade by Ang in Buffalo on Etsy -- perfect for a sexy Valentine's cheese plate at home

For an added touch, check out this sweet handmade wooden heart-shaped cheese board from Ang in Buffalo. Hey, even a supermarket cheese plate can be special if you serve it in a special way.

7. Truffles and other shrooms

Urbani Truffle Shaver | Sexy Gifts for Fans of The Bear

As we shared in our guide to sexy Valentine’s gifts for fans of The Bear, truffles are always a classic. Trufflin’ sells fresh black winter truffles starting at $100/oz and they’re in season only until March. How indulgent is that? Be sure you have the chef-recommended Urbani Truffle Shaver before you serve those babies!

Aphrodisiac alert! Bridgetown Mushrooms dried lion's mane imparts so many health benefits. Incorporate into a sexy Valentine's Day risotto

Or want to try the libido-boosting properties of mushrooms in a different form? Our friends at the small business Bridgetown Mushrooms offer the “magic” of dried organic lion’s mane mushrooms that you can reconstitute with water or wine, and add to your favorite dishes. May we suggest a homemade homemade mushroom risotto with some added of health benefits and calming effects?

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8. A little spice to spice up your night

Aphrodisiac food gifts for Valentine's Day: Truff truffle infused hot sauce trio. SO SO good

For the Valentine who gives you weak knees, repay the favor with a gift set of Truff Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce Gift Set. It is outrageous! It combines two aphrodisiacs — truffles and hot peppers. That capsaicin will tingle your tongue and get the blood flowing and add some heat at the kitchen. And the table. And…well, pick a room. It’s wonderful with meat (maybe a beef fondue?), or hey, whip up an all-appetizer grazing menu with a sampler of dipping sauces.

9. A melt-in-your-mouth steak cut for two

Aphrodisiac Valentine's food gifts for a sexy night at home: Steaks from Porter Road or other top meat purveyors, delivered fresh and ready for cooking

If you’re cooking together for Valentine’s Day, I personally recommend ordering steaks for two. Our go-to butcher in Nashville and national treasure  Porter Road, delivers hand-cut steaks that are outstanding. Also check out the highly rated Double R Ranch filet mignon from Washington state sold at Williams-Sonoma — conveniently available in romantic sets of two.

Or if you’re a fan of the refined cooking of chef Daniel Boulud, be sure to check out Chef Daniel’s Beef & Butter Kit for two. You don’t just get two exquisite cuts of Wagyu Beef, but 3 of his incredible compound betters and a coarse finishing salt blend. Costs less than a trip to his restaurants in New York. Or Miami. Or Dubai.

10. The kind of cake you’d never make yourself

Aphrodisiac Valentine's foods for a sexy night at home: A green tea mille crepe cake from Lady M is exquisite, and has some amazing benefits!

We’ve shared plenty of Valentine’s cake recipes and other DIY Valentine’s desserts, but some recipes are best left to the experts. Liz is one of the thousands who swear by the ethereal mille crepe cakes from Lady M Confections. Those 10 layers of crepe and creme are whisper-light and satisfyingly rich at the same time, but you’d have to taste it to believe it. Since green tea is a libido booster that increases energy and uh, endurance, I’d consider that. But I wouldn’t turn down the chocolate.