Over the last few years, we’ve seen how much you, our fantastic community of readers, have responded to our food and recipe and cooking tips posts over at Cool Mom Picks. Because, shockingly, it turns out that lots of moms cook. And of course, dads too. And aunts and uncles and grandparents. Even people with no kids at all.

We’ve seen that parents want to discover great new foods and smart things for the kitchen. Parents want to know what the heck to make for school lunch for the six millionth day. Parents want to find ways to get their kids to eat asparagus. Parents want cool cocktails to serve at dinner parties after the kids are in bed.

We laugh because our cakes will never ever come out like the ones on Pinterest. Sometimes we make the most amazing dinner from scratch, and sometimes we pour a bowl of cereal and call it a night And while we’re wildly impressed by Bento boxes in the shape of the entire cast of Star Wars Episode VI (including the Ewoks), we will never, ever make one.

Who knew?

Actually, we knew — because you’ve told us.

So, thanks to all of you and your fantastic feedback over the years, we’re beyond thrilled to bring you the launch of  Cool Mom Eats.

CoolMomEats.com, the new family food channel from Cool Mom Picks

Cool Mom Eats + KitchenAid giveaway. Sweet!

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This is an idea so many years in the making: An entire channel on the Cool Mom Picks network dedicated to all the cool food finds, fun recipes, helpful tips, kitchen tricks, time-savers, great gifts, shopping scores and general deliciousness that we’ve been bringing you, now all in one place. And we couldn’t do it without  our longtime food editor, Stacie Billis who is the Managing Editor of Cool Mom Eats and such a respected voice in the food blog community.

If anyone knows about the intersection of food, kids and coolness it’s definitely Stacie. That’s her up top with one of her two sons. You guys — their favorite food is salad.

We bow down to her.

We are so happy you are here. So happy we could toast you all with a whole jar of cookie butter. And we probably will.

Kristen and Liz of the new Cool Mom Eats

-Kristen and Liz



You guys! You’re here. You made it. We’ve been cooking up this place up for a while and are giddy (can you tell?) to finally invite you into Cool Mom Eats for good food and tasty finds for families. Welcome.

I hope Cool Mom Eats will be like a double batch of what you’ve already been eating up in the former Food & Drink section of Cool Mom Picks, only with new food posts every day.

You’ll always be able to find a quick and easy dinner recipe here, whether you want to make it in your slow cooker, use only one pot, or finish up the last bits of that rotisserie chicken sitting in your fridge. We’ll even help you plan food for parties. (I’m still dying for an excuse to throw a DIY Alice in Wonderland tea party, though I’m not sure that my boys will ever be into it.)

If it will help you eat well and have a good (better?) time in the kitchen while also recognizing that feeding a family is exhausting and three-hour meal preparation is not something we highly recommend, we’ve got you covered. No fussy 15-step dessert recipes here. Unless, of course, we just want you to know that things like homemade Banana Split Eclairs exist because hey, you never know.

And if you’re serving cereal for dinner? Non-organic smoothies? Deep-fried Oreos? No judgments at all. In fact, you’ll probably find some kindred spirits among our writers and contributors.

If there’s something in particular that you’d like to see here, comment or email us and let us know! Or talk to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

We’ve pulled your seat up to the table and really hope that you’ll stay awhile.

Stacie Billis of Cool Mom Eats




To celebrate our launch, we’re so grateful to KitchenAid for giving us one heck of a giveaway. We couldn’t launch a new website with a little welcome gift for you all right? And that’s just what we’ve got, with this amazing prize package from KitchenAid worth $870.

One lucky winner will receive a KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer and a Precise Heat Mixing Bowl which is a seriously outrageous combination. Whoo!


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If you’re already a Cool Mom Picks and/or Cool Mom Tech subscriber (thank you!), just pop in and update your preferences by checking off “Cool Mom Eats newsletter” and hitting submit.

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3. Follow @CoolMomEats on Pinterest and upload your own favorite food pin and tag it with #CoolMomEats so we can see the kinds of things you love and want to see more of.

That’s it! Even easier than eating an entire box of chocolates in one sitting. And for us, that’s actually pretty easy.

Legal-y stuff: Giveaway expires 11:59p EST June 15, 2015, U.S. residents only, 18+.
Only one newsletter entry per person; and one entry per person for up to three extra entries on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Void where prohibited.
Visit this page for the complete legal rules which are like this, only with more words that lawyers gave us.


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