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Artists Lernert and Sander cut and arranged 98 perfect cubes out of foods (above) and the Internet went wild at the gorgeous outcome.

In tile artist Jim Bachor’s “Sweet Treats” project, he filled potholes with frozen treat mosaics paying homage to the bomb pop, ice cream sandwich, and more.

Open Table offers promotion to help Baltimore restaurants recover.


Floral ideas for kids lunches that you can actually do without a culinary degree | AlphaMom

4 easy, floral food art ideas for kids’ lunches. (Well, easy is relative of course. But they look pretty.)

Amazingly hysterical mykidcanteatthis Instagram feed documents the perfectly find food kids refuse to eat worldwide. You are not alone.

It’s official: We have another food label. USDA creates a new government certification for GMO-free foods.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has restarted production after a massive voluntary recall due to listeria. Scoop shops will reopen in time for Memorial Day weekend. In the meantime, here’s a great recipe to make your own Jeni’s ice cream.

29 hot sauces, ranked. Bonus: Awesome  photos that capture the taste testers’ reactions.


the cutest Ice Cream Cone earrings by Shay Aaron

A fun Etsy shop selling jewelry made with food miniatures by Shay Aaron. Because who doesn’t need ice cream cone stud earrings?

One super mom’s super smart epiphany about her picky eaters. Could you follow her lead?

A new, fantastic kid safe drinking glass by Kupp.


Pefect for summer entertaining: Kumquat cocktail recipe | The Queso

When life gives you kumquats make a Kumquat May Martini. Cheers to a perfect spring cocktail.

New York City restaurant impresario Danny Meyer has opened Porchlight, a new bar with low-alcohol cocktails designed for afternoon drinking. The beginnings of a nationwide trend? We wouldn’t complain.

In their first step towards becoming a “modern, progressive burger chain,” McDonalds will soon be serving up a breakfast bowl with kale in some southern California stores. Kale. At McDonalds. Uh, okay.

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