Our kids love when we surprise them with a cool treat on a hot day. And those treats can be deliciously—and easily—homemade when they happen to be colorful popsicles served up in cool shaped pospsicle molds, all made from their favorite fruit juice or smoothie recipe. So to make this classic warm-weather treat even more special, we’ve rounded up 8 awesome popsicle molds that will turn out the coolest popsicles on the block. Better make some room in the freezer! Not that you’ll need it for long.

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Awesome popsicle molds: Zoku individual character popsicle molds now available

Zoku Character Popsicle Molds
Zoku may be best known for their cool, easy popsicle maker which allows you to make on-demand popsicles. But their traditional fill-and-freeze popsicle molds are pretty spectacular, too. The eight individual Character Pop Molds  (shown above and at top) allow our kids to pick out their favorites, from a big-eyed frog to a satisfied kitty or a smiling princess.  ($7.95 each or $59.95 for a set of 8, Williams Sonoma)


Cool! Zoku Outer Space Popsicle mold for kids

Zoku Outer Space Popsicle Mold
Zoku also makes an out-of-this-world outer-space mold that is great if you want to keep a set of 5 popsicles at the ready for a couple of night’s worth of desserts or a summer play date snack. Just freeze your favorite juice and a rocket or astronaut is ready for easy lift off from the silicone interior. ($29.99, Amazon)



Awesome popsicle molds for kids: Rocket pops molds by Tovolo

Tovolo Rocket-Shaped Popsicle mold
If you want an old school rocket pop, we discovered Tovolo’s rocket-shaped popsicle holders years ago, and they are ready for blastoff whenever you are. The six BPA-free molds can serve an entire group of astronauts-in-training or just pull one out when your space traveler is parched. We especially appreciate that the lip around the popsicle base is ready to catch any drips as the kids zoom around the yard.  And if you want an option that’s more of the soil than the sky, check out their ladybug ice pop molds which our kids adore. ($13, Amazon)


Nuby toddler-sized popsicle mold is great for young kids

Nuby Garden Fresh Frozen Toddler Popsicle Tray
Nuby’s tiny popsicle mold creates a one-ounce treat that is ideal for our youngest popsicle eaters. We like the wide handle at the base that is easier for toddlers to hang onto, and there’s a lip to catch drips. Well, most of the them. And though homemade popsicles can be made lower in sugar, we appreciate that the serving size is just right for wee ones. ($8.99, Amazon)



 Fred & Friend's Lickety popsicle mold shaped like a tongue!

Fred and Friends tongue-shaped Lickety Pops
Say ahhhhhhhhhh! A little bit silly, but also a whole lot of fun, these Lickety Pops will surely turn a few heads while our kids slurp away. The tongue-shaped silicone mold creates a push-pop that doesn’t stick or drip and is also easy to clean. It comes in a package of two which is great for those of us with siblings since we know they will each want one for themselves. ($9.14, Amazon)


Mastrad's cool twisty popsicle molds and stand for kids

Mastrad Swirled Popsicle Molds and Base
Since we’re digging through the freezer several times a day, we especially appreciate the smart design of Mastrad’s four-popsicle holder that keeps the popsicles standing as they freeze. The brightly colored molds also make cool swirly-shaped popsicles for kids to enjoy with their friends. And the silicone exterior peels away easily from the frozen confection with a simple tug of the side tab. ($11.99, Amazon)



Awesome popsicle molds: Healthpop silicone popsicle molds for kids

Healthpop Silicone Push-Up Popsicles and Base
Perfect for kids who like to take their time or have smaller appetites, Healthpop’s food-grade silicone popsicle molds come with an attached lid to close up their popsicle in between licks. Plus, the push-up pop design keeps melted juice at the bottom to slurp up after the frozen part is gone. When not using for popsicles, these mom-designed molds can also be used to carry small treats in a lunchbox or backpack. Smart. ($24.97, Amazon)


Think Geek's Star Wars Light Saber popsicle molds for kids

Star Wars’ light-up Lightsaber Popsicle Molds
This isn’t a Jedi mind trick: It’s really a set of Star Wars Lightsaber popsicle molds from ThinkGeek. Each handle in this set of four sabers has an LED light that lights up the popsicle. Just remind the kids that if they decide to battle, someone’s treat is going to end up melting on the lawn: The force just isn’t so strong when it’s over 80 degrees. ($34.99, Think Geek)

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