We all know that bringing our own lunch to work or the park in the summer is a great way to save money. Most lunch bags seem to be made for kids, so we’re always happy to find ones that are a little more sophisticated. Like these Marlowe reusable lunch bags made of a rugged waxed canvas in three handsome colors.

I’d use them for myself, but think they could be a cool Father’s Day gift, especially if you fill them with his favorite gourmet mustards or hot sauces.  There’s also a little pocket inside just waiting for a handmade note to make it more personal.

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Marlowe waxed canvas lunch bags are eco-friendly, reusable, and very handsome

I think these could actually be a nifty end-of-year teacher gift, too, especially if you include a bunch of gift cards to the local coffee shops, delis, or take-out spots near the school. I’m sure a hot lunch from Chipotle would be a very nice alternative to brown-bagging it in September every day. Although when that runs out, at least a cool reusable lunch bag will be at the ready.

Find the Marlowe reusable lunch bags at The Fancy for $44.

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