Here are our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them, too.


S’mores Oreos are real. People: S’MORES OREOS ARE REAL. Snopes even says so.

Famed chef Hugh Acheson makes nachos from Kris Jenner’s cookbook as part of a new Eater video series, Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes.

The 25 best ice cream parlors in the world. And our favorite ice cream recipes. Just because.

A sprinkle manicure tutorial - our kids would flip. |Studio DIY

DIY sprinkles manicure tutorial. Our kids will flip out.

Oh no! There might be a global prosecco shortage.

New trend alert: Mini is the new super-sized. (Now we have to learn not to eat the whole bag.)

Burger lovers should also check out these mouthwatering burger recipes that aren’t all beef. Yum.


Amazing Berry Tart recipe | Delectably Green

Eating berries is good for your brain, which makes this gorgeous berry tart brain food. Right?

A tutorial on how to make LEGO brick gummy candies.

Sorry to break the news, but your Keurig is one seriously intense bacterial colony.


T-Rex pasta measuring tool - how fun is that!

We’re not sure it counts as an essential tool, but this Tyrannosaurus Rex pasta measuring tool has a welcome home in our kitchens.



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