I have to admit, since discovering these awesome rock oven mitts, I’ve had the most ridiculous lyrics stuck in my head. Like B.A.K.E. in the U.S.A. And Weird Al’s I Love Rocky Road. Then of course, there’s just regular old, Pour Some Sugar on Me, which the ad world has mercifully yet to change to Pour Some Splenda on Me.  But what these oven mitts inspire in terms of terrible earworms, I think they make up for with sheer coolness.

You can find them at The Fancy, or at Milan’s WE LOVE ROCK Design Etsy shop, where it also comes in black.  Plus there are some fun potholders emblazoned with the likes of David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Alice Cooper, and Mick Jagger.

(But what, no Joan Jett? No Debbie Harry? Yeah, I guess I don’t see them at home in the kitchen either.)


Rock Oven Mitts: Awesome Father's Day gift!


We love rock oven mitts | David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Freddie Mercury and more

This is maybe the best Father’s Day gift for that dad who knows his way around both a barbecue grill and a double-bass drum kit. Or maybe he’s the guy who still has all his original tunes on vinyl, and complains about autotune every time the kids turn on the Sirius/XM pop station. Either way, total Father’s Day win.

Check them out for a cool dad in your life, even if his slam dancing days are long behind him, and he’s the one now telling the kids to turn down the music or they’ll hurt their ears.

Find the rock oven mitts online at The Fancy for $39 or from We Love Rock Design on Etsy, and order soon because shipping takes up to 2 weeks. For those about to roast, we salute you.

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