I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is finally berry season! Every year, I tell myself that I’m going to invest in a couple of berry bowls because we just eat so much of them and well, they’re so handy. And completely adorable. (Yes, dishware can be adorable.)

So here I rounded up a few handmade pottery berry bowls that I think would make lovely additions to my kitchen (and hopefully yours, too), soon to be filled with the spoils from a summer full of berry picking with my kids. And hey, if you’re not a berry lover, these work well for veggies too. (But, we might need to talk about this not loving berries thing.)

Top: handmade berry bowls from Fringe and Fettle


Handmade berry bowls by Cheryl Wolff Ceramics

I just love these round berry bowls by artist Cheryl Wolff that actually feature a handy plate as well, making them perfect for rinsing and then keeping berries in your fridge without water leaking everywhere. Always a bonus.

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Handmade berry bowls by Fringe and Fettle on Etsy

These handmade berry bowls from Fringe and Fettle ceramics have a little handle, which is quite a helpful detail when you’re dealing with little hands. I’m personally a fan of the color palette as well.


Handmade berry bowls: Porcelain farmer's market baskets | Anthropologie

And how fun are these berry baskets that look just like the real cartons! They’re handcrafted in porcelain, available at Anthropologie, and would look fabulous on any countertop.

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