Have you every tried a Pimm’s Cup? The classic British cocktail is a perfect sip of summer, packed with mint, fruit, cucumber, and a refreshing liqueur topped with a splash of soda. It’s light and bright, just the way drinks should be in the summertime. We found two Pimm’s Cup recipes that we love: one made with seasonal strawberries and the other without alcohol. Both are dangerously sippable and the perfect cocktail or mocktail not just for this weekend, but all summer long.

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Strawberry Pimm's Cup recipe | How Sweet It Is

If you’re anything like me, one look at this Strawberry Pimm’s Cup recipe at How Sweet It Is will having you running to the store to grab a bottle of Pimm’s. This cocktail is surely as delicious as it is beautiful. If you can’t find ginger beer, ginger ale will do. Get the best quality ginger ale you can, but know that it will be good no matter what.

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Non-Alcoholic Pimm's Cup recipe | The Gluten Free Lifesaver

Pimm’s liqueur has a bright herbal flavor, so it’s pretty genius that Kristine at The Gluten Free Lifesaver uses chilled black tea with a splash of balsamic vinegar as a substitute in her non-alcoholic Pimm’s Cup recipe (above and top). I bet it tastes remarkably close to the real thing so that even those who drink alcohol can sip more and longer without, oh, falling asleep . If you share this with young children, consider using a non-caffeinated black tea because, well, mixing caffeine and kids will definitely kill your buzz.

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