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Seven Instagram accounts to inspire your next culinary trip. (Top photo: Matt Armendariz/@mattarmendariz)

While we’re talking food and travel, check out Jetsetter’s list of the 10 best new food cities.

More reason to travel for food: The World’s 50 best restaurants announced.

Cooking in space: Watch an astronaut make her taco dinner!

Not sure how we missed this, but in case you did, too: There is a new G.M.O.-free Similac Advance infant formula.


Bahn Mi Hot Dog recipe | My Name is Ye

The Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide and 6 killer hot dog recipes including a Bahn Mi Dog at My Name is Yeh.

Subway, McDonald’s, Kraft, Nestle, and Taco Bell plan to remove artificial colors and flavors from one or more of their items.

The Chemicals in Your Popcorn. Seems it’s time to commit to an all-natural microwave popcorn or just making popcorn at home.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest released the 9 worst chain restaurant meals of the year.

Google’s artificial intelligence group is working on a project that will count calories of the food in your Instagram photos.


@ChilyPhilly Instagram feed with hilarious knit food Hats

This @chiliphilly Instagram feed featuring hilarious knit food hats has us rolling. (via SwissMiss)

Uh-oh, potentially bad news for cappuccino drinking Starbucks goers.

Not all Chick-fil-A owners agree with the company’s anti-gay policies; a Chick-fil-A in Iowa is sponsoring a gay pride parade.

Massive group of scientists think we should stop using non-stick pans.

PepsiCo to launch new line of fancy-sounding craft sodas.


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