Fresh produce season is in full swing, with places all around the country—not just, ahem, southern California—teeming with local fruit and veggies.  We are gobbling up fresh fruit dessert recipes, coveting pretty handmade berry bowls, and generally reveling in the spoils of the season. But, speaking of spoil, there’s one problem: produce goes bad in our fridge way too quickly. Thankfully, we found 3 awesome products that help keep produce fresher longer which gives you a few extra days to use up those veggies before they go bad. Phew!
Top photo: James Ransom for Food52

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OXO GreenSaver Produce Keepers

Keep produce fresher longer: OXO GreenSaver produce keepers

We’re huge fans of OXO and are loving their new GreenSaver produce keepers. Each container comes with a lid that has a little filter packet tucked into a secret slot. Each packet contains charred coconut husks which absorb the natural gas emitted by food that also causes food spoilage. With the bad gasses absorbed, the air in the container is humidity controlled and can better maintain the freshness of anything in the basket.

The filter basically creates an all-natural, produce-perfect environment that definitely kept my produce fresher longer. I know because I did a little (perhaps not-so-scientific) experiment with two, side-by-side packages of raspberries. Guess which one lasted way longer? Lets just say that I’m a convert.

The produce keepers come in 3 sizes and are, as you’d expect from OXO, well designed. The filter needs to be changed every 90 days and there’s a little slider that helps you keep track of the date by which it needs to be swapped out for a new one. There is also a cheat sheet printed on the inside of the lid that helps you know which vegetables should be stored with the vent open as opposed to with the vent closed.

As a bonafide sucker for containers that help keep things organized, I love these. Just keep in mind that they only keep whatever is in the basket fresher longer, so you might want more than one. Or consider the crisper inserts which work their magic on everything inside the drawer in which you place it.

You can purchase GreenSaver Produce Keepers from $14.99-24.99 at the OXO online store, where you can also purchase filter refills in a pack of 4 for $9.99 and a crisper insert for $5.99.


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Keep produce fresher longer: BerryBreeze produce keeper

The BerryBreeze is a battery operated device that uses activated oxygen to help keep food fresh. You can check the site for how activated oxygen works—there is a ton of scientific data—but, having used one, I can save you time and tell you that it does.

Using the BerryBreeze is easy and low maintenance. You just pop in D batteries and place it in the back of your fridge in the same way that some people keep an open box of baking soda in the back corner of their refrigerator. When I did this, the BerryBreeze totally helped keep all of my produce fresh, crispy, and mold-free all week. I bet it could help fruits and veggies last even longer, but everything looked so fresh that I happily used it up.

The big plus for BerryBreeze is that it works on everything since it neutralizes the air in the entire fridge, including what gets circulated into the produce drawers. I also like that it doesn’t have a filter that needs to be changed. The downside? It’s a little big—similar to the size of a box of baking soda—and on the pricier side.

You can buy one of these produce preservation gadgets at the BerryBreeze online store for $49.98.


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Keep produce fresher longer: FreshPaper produce savers

FreshPaper sheets are five-inch square pieces of paper made with edible organic botanical extracts that you place anywhere you want to help keep produce fresh longer, from inside a bag of salad greens to the bottom of a berry basket or produce drawer, or even the bottom of a fruit bowl left on the counter. The secret mix of herbs on the paper is said to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

We can’t be sure of what exactly is happening, but can tell you that the sheets do a great job of extending the life of produce without bulky containers, gadgets, batteries, wrapping, filters or, really, anything else. It’s seriously just a piece of paper than can be reused for 3 to 4 weeks and then composted, if you’re able to do that (if not, at least the papers are biodegradable).

And I love that these aren’t just for use in the refrigerator, because without central air here in NYC, those plums that we leave on the counter while out and about can’t last in the heat without a little help.

You can buy a pack of 8 sheets of FreshPaper at the Fenugreen online store for $9.00, where you can also find it in bigger bundles as well, or at our Amazon affiliate for $9.28. The Food52 store also carries FreshPaper in 4 pack bundles for $26.

Top photo: James Ransom for Food52

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