Pina Coladas have a magical way of transporting you to the beach on a tropical island no matter where you actually are when drinking them. In the middle of a winter storm? Not when you’re drinking this tropical delight. Fighting the blazing heat in an asphalt jungle? You’re by the ocean as soon as you take a sip. But they aren’t just for when you need an escape. When done right, Pina Coladas are actually the perfect beverage when you really are at the beach or by the pool. There’s just no losing with this tropical coconut-pineapple delight.

(Well, provided you’re not counting calories. But we have help for that too.)

I love that turning a Pina Colada cocktail into a Virgin Pina Colada mocktail takes no fuss at all: just skip the booze. The pineapple juice and cream of coconut are a venerable treat even without rum. Cheers!

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The frozen Pina Colada recipe you've always wanted | Food52

A classic Pina Colada done wrong can be a bad (very bad) thing. Our friends at Food52 took it upon themselves to make the Frozen Pina Colada recipe that we’ve always wanted. Instead of heavy and overly sweet, this fruity, juicy cocktail will change your mind about the merits of frozen cocktails for good.

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Skinny Pina Colada recipe that substitutes coconut cream for coconut water. | Kitchy Kitchen

I couldn’t resist adding a third cocktail/mocktail today since it’s so rare that you find a fresh Pina Colada recipe like this one at The Kitchy Kitchen. Plus, we love skinny cocktails! The recipe calls for fresh, chopped pineapple and coconut water instead of the traditional coconut cream, which cuts way back on calories. And it’s equally delicious with or without the light rum.

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