On Grub Street this week, I fell in love with the article about 17 unexpected food hacks even though, well, some of them were more like tips for enjoying summer food around NYC. But the standout idea to me was easily the keg watermelon hack from Cocktail Kingdom’s Don Lee.

I totally remember those college days of cutting a hole in a watermelon and just pouring a bottle of crappy vodka right into it — and let me say, this is not like that.

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Click over for all the details, including where to find the spigot, the best way to scoop out the watermelon (yes, you scoop it out) and then how to get it back in there, plus a refined recipe for what looks to be an outrageous and outrageously refreshing vodka-infused watermelon punch.

Watermelon Limeade Recipe via Martha Stewart

Of course you could easily go non-alcoholic, as with this Watermelon Limeade recipe from Martha Stewart, perfect for serving kids and other non-imbibing guests at a summer party. Sometimes a fresh glass of booze-free punch is the most refreshing thing ever on a hot summer day. The keg dispenser just makes that much more fun to serve.

Find Don Lee’s tips on how to make a watermelon keg with a spigot on Grub Street. 


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