Let’s face it, we parents have to spend a lot of time in our kitchens. We might as well make them pretty. So I’ve been looking around for some affordable kitchen art prints that can be an inexpensive way to make your kitchen a place you enjoy being. No snarky sayings, no I’m not the maid, clean up after yourself.  There’s a time and place for those, but right now I’m just thinking about what will make me smile every day, make me happier, make me feel more peaceful, or even more inspired to cook. Of course you’re on your own with that one.

Check out these lovely kitchen art prints form 8 great artists, all of which I’d love to own.

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Affordable kitchen art prints: Grilled Peaches poster by illustrator Claudia Pearson
Claudia Pearson has been a professional illustrator for years, but recently started her own line of home products imprinted with her pretty pictures, including tea towels, books, and these gorgeous posters perfect for the kitchen. My favorites are the Greenmarket Tomatos poster ($25; top) and Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream ($30), but there are so, so many pretty posters to choose from. (Prices vary, Claudiapearson.com)




Affordable kitchen art prints: French cheeses | Lucileskitchen at Etsy

Affordable kitchen art prints: Fresh herbs | Lucileskitchen on Etsy

The kitchen of illustrator Lucile Prache may be in Paris, but you can bring a taste of her aesthetic to your kitchen with her gorgeous watercolor food prints. Some of the prints illustrate recipes, but I’m partial to the ones that depict collections, from French cheeses ($37) to fresh herbs ($37). They’re simple and dreamy, like the city she calls home. (Prices vary, LucilesKitchen on Etsy)

Affordable kitchen art prints: Apple poster | FLATOWL on Etsy

FLATOWL is a fab new Etsy shop that specializes in modern, abstract, geometrical, and minimalist posters. There’s so much more here than kitchen prints, but my favorites happen to be perfect for a cook space. This beautiful apple print, for example, is influenced by Scandinavian design and is so very lovely. ($15.58, FLATOWL on Etsy)


Affordable kitchen art prints: Measure Equivalents poster by Lettered & Lined | Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

If you’re partial to more graphical kitchen art, and you haven’t already been to the Cool Mom Picks Indie store, allow me to show you the first thing foodies may want to drop into their shopping carts. Measure Equivalents: An Illustrated Guide is pretty piece of graphic art for the kitchen from Lettered & Lines that also serves a purpose. A very, very important purpose. Because, no, children, a tablespoon of salt is not the same as a teaspoon.  ($23.50, Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop)


Affordable kitchen art prints: Strawberry Lemonade poster | Lily & Val

Valerie McKeehan, the hand letterer and illustrator behind Lily & Val, actually helped start the chalkboard lettering craze with her gorgeous hand lettering, much of which is food and drink focused. Her work is funny and whimsical, and I love how at home her posters feel in a kitchen—the same way chalkboards comfortably hang out in front of my favorite Brooklyn cafes. There are too many awesome, affordable kitchen prints to choose from, but I’m loving this Strawberry Lemonade poster for summer.

All you need is love and a good cup of coffee | affordable art prints for the kitchen

Okay, so I can’t resist one more — especially when it reads, All you need is love and coffee. How can I resist? Truer words have never been spoken in my home. ($19, Lily & Val)

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Affordable kitchen art prints: Bowl Stacks & Utencil Stacks duo art prints | Strawberryluna on Etsy

If you have a mid-century vibe going in your kitchen, complete with cool, 1950s kitchenware scored at flea markets, you’ll love this duo kitchen print set from StrawberryLuna on Etsy. The colorful prints, Bowl Stack and Utensil Stack, look great together, but are also available separately and in varying sizes for any space. If yo love her style, it may be because she creates lots of indie rock concert posters which hey, they could be cool in a kitchen too. ($35-55 for the set, Strawberry Luna on Etsy)


Affordable kitchen art prints: Geometric fruit triptych | WhereisAlex on Etsy

I love these geometric fruit art prints spotted at Where is Alex, a design studio out of Sydney, Australia that sells on Etsy. Colorful and modern, they’re the perfect pop of color in any kitchen that’s either super vibrant, or one that’s monochromatic and could use a little pop of color. The best part is that they are super affordable since you can print one 8×10 print or the entire triptych yourself.  ($12/3 Where is Alex)


Affordable kitchen art prints: Avocado poster | Noodlehug on Etsy

Okay, so I couldn’t resist one funny poster because it’s beautiful too. If you want to laugh, check out this avocado kitchen print at Noodlehug on Etsy. But browse the whole shop for sure; last year, Delilah found these hysterical posters for coffee drinkers at Noodlehug that had us rolling. ($18, Noodlehug on Etsy)

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