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Behold the Red, White, and Blue Sprinkle Ombre 4th of July Cake. We’d make it if we could, but instead we’ll ogle it and make one of these easy, no-bake 4th of July treats.

And if you’ve got rainbows on the brain like we do, check out this roundup of awesome rainbow desserts for celebrating that #LoveWins.

Thrillist ranks every Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Where do you stand?

Turn a watermelon into a keg and be the star of your Fourth of July cookout.

How to tell the difference between pesto, chimichurri, and salsa verde.


What do do with strawberry tops | Food52

Don’t throw away your leftover strawberry tops. This idea is so smart.

Did your favorite farmer’s market make it on this list of the US’s 50 best farm stands?

Whoa: General Mills announced this week that they’ll be cutting all artificial flavors from their cereals.

Is it time for an antibiotic-free label on our foods?

Important recall info: Niagara bottled water’s E. coli concerns.

A record-setting pizza in Milan.


A photograph from Blake Little's photography book Preservation

Photographer Blake Little’s strange, but fascinating new book, Preservation, in which people are photographed drenched in honey. As we said…strange, but fascinating.

IKEA is now offering pick-and-mix candy stations in their stores. Swedish fish, anyone?

The newest American Girl movie (on DVD this week) is about a girl who loves to bake. Have you seen it yet?

Do sell-by dates really matter? A really helpful article from the LA Times.


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