Summer is in full swing. This is it: The heart of the season and height of the fun. As much as I love cocktails that use seasonal fruit, there is no more pure a summer sip than an Arnold Palmer. Half ice tea and half lemonade, this drink pairs the best with the best. Then sometimes you add booze. The best to infinity?

Whether or not you add a splash of vodka or bourbon, you can switch this drink up any way you like, starting with the kind of tea you use. You don’t need a recipe because it’s nearly impossible to get wrong, but we found a wonderful Arnold Palmer cocktail and a tasty Arnold Palmer mocktail anyway. You know, for inspiration. Cheers.

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Cocktail: Tipsy Lemonade Iced Tea

Arnold Palmer cocktail recipe: Tipsy Lemonade Iced Tea | Family Fresh Cooking

This Tipsy Lemonade Iced Tea at Family Fresh Cooking is a prime example of what makes an Arnold Palmer so great: its simplicity. Look at the ingredients list (so simple!) and look at the results (so tasty!). It doesn’t take much to make this delicious, especially when you add a splash of lemon vodka the way that Marla does. Or maybe bourbon the way that I do.

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Mocktail: Loaded Hibiscus Arnold Palmer

Loaded Hibiscus Arnold Palmer mocktail recipe: Vegetarian Ventures

I love that this drink is called “loaded” but contains no alcohol. Who needs it with all the other tasty elements including blueberries, mint, and hibiscus tea. Looking at this ingredients list, I have no doubt that this tasty Loaded Hibiscus Arnold Palmer mocktail recipe (above & top) at Vegetarian Ventures tastes as good as it looks. Just one thing: If you’re making this to share with the kids, be sure you use a variety of decaffeinated hibiscus tea. Because, well, caffeine and kids will kill your happy buzz.

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