A couple of weeks ago, I had a little celebration in the aisle of my local grocery store when I discovered a huge bottle of Starbucks Iced Coffee amongst the big jugs of orange juice. I realize this might not necessarily be a new discovery, but hey, it’s new to me and well, it’s my new favorite thing ever.

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Magical Coffee recipe on Food 52


I’m a fan of the unsweetened one myself so I can do what I want to it, which might include a few of these amazing iced coffee drink recipes, like the Magical Coffee seen above. But there’s also lightly sweetened and caramel (mmmm!) if that’s more your taste.

And look, I realize that it’s not as cheap as making your own cold brew at home, however it’s definitely cheaper than buying an iced coffee every day at your local Starbucks or wherever you tend to stop when you’re feeling the need for a little caffeine fix.

Check your local grocery store for Starbucks Iced Coffee.

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