Here are our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them, too.


How disposable coffee cup design became high art.

Or don’t pay for a fancy disposable cup and invest in a funny coffee mug.

Fill your mug with home brewed coffee using this comprehensive guide: The best coffee makers and how to use them.

The coolest lunch boxes and bags for kids of all ages.

New limited edition Brownie Batter Oreos: What you need to know.


Make a nibble tray to encourage picky toddlers to eat | The Little Umbrella

Make a nibble tray for picky toddlers.

10 tips for healthy school lunches on the cheap.

The Kids in the Kitchen at The New York Times cook up an outdoor fish fry. By themselves.

Um, our new favorite Instagram feed? Men & Wine.

Need to stick to your diet? Tetris has been found to be highly effective in curbing cravings.


DIY tie-die s'mores | Studio DIY

Tie-die s’mores! Whoa.

How the US military helped invent Cheetos.

So you want to write a food blog? (Someone’s really tired of us.)

Ramen flavored ice cream. Yay or nay?

New research shows that black and Hispanic children are disproportionally targeted by ads for soda and high-calorie foods.