The next couple of weekends are prime time for Halloween parties and festive Halloween snacks. While I’m all about loosening the reigns for a holiday or a party (or a holiday party), I also know that the most exciting sweets you can put out for a Halloween party are candy. Straight up candy. Well, at least that’s how it is in my house, which is why I plan on also serving these festive non-candy Halloween party treats.

These festive snacks are fun, tasty and, in some cases, even a little bit sweet, but they also keep from piling on tons more sugar. Because there will no doubt be plenty of that.

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Pumpkin-shaped Sweet Potato Chips are an easy & healthy non-candy Halloween party treat | Say Yes

If it’s not sweet, it should be salty, right? These Baked Sweet Potato Chips that we found at Say Yes are adorable and tasty, too. All you need to make them is a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, which is as easy to find at a baking supply store these days as a pumpkin spice latte.


Carrot witch fingers buried in hummus prove that non-candy Halloween party treats are fun, too! | One Hungry Mama

While we’re working with veggies, check out how to turn heathy carrot sticks and simple hummus into creepy carrot witch fingers at my site, One Hungry Mama. While there, you’ll also find festive Halloween dinner recipes including black spaghetti worms and eyeballs (that are really just pasta and meatballs—mmm).


Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins make classic, fun non-candy Halloween party treats | Weelicious

If fruit is more your speed, you’ll want to check out these super cute and easy Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts at Weelicious. It doesn’t get more simple and, honestly, when fruit is this fun, you’ll be amazed at how willing kids are to gobble it up—between bites of candy. Ha!

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Hysterical! Turn grapes and a green apple into a non-candy Halloween treat sure to please | Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

If your kids are a little older and ready to swap Casper the friendly ghost for creepier Halloween characters, take some time to cut up a green apple and dark grapes to make these Frankenstein and His Bride Fruit Snacks at Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons. If you have the knife skills to make these, you have to go for it, though making more than one pair might be time consuming. Maybe save this as a dessert table centerpiece, or just serve it to your own kids on Halloween day.


This clever non-candy Halloween party snack uses fresh fruit, just a little whipped cream and 1 candy corn to make a healthy point! | Family Fresh Meals

If cutting up fruit all cutesy is just too obvious (hello, older children), take a little more time to dress up your fruit. I love this “Candy Corn” Fruit Cocktail at Family Fresh Meals. A little whipped cream and one—just one!—candy corn on top (to get the point across) turns fruit into a party-worthy snack.


Make Spider Crackers as a healthy, filling non-candy Halloween party treat this year | La Jolla Mom

There is no more classic a snack than cheese and crackers. Turn the two into these cute Halloween Spider Cracker Sandwiches at La Jolla Mom, along with a couple of other classic snack foods. In fact, you probably have everything you need to make these in your cupboard right now.

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Owl crackers make a sweet non-candy Halloween party treat | Parents

With a similar set of ingredients—basically cream cheese and crackers—you can get fancy and make these sweet Owl Snacks at Parents. They are little fussier than the spiders, but the how-to video shows you exactly how to make them. Still, these might be best for a small party.


These no-bake Spider Cookies are an awesome way to serve up non-candy Halloween party treats | 52 New Foods

How fun are these easy, no-bake Halloween Spooky Spider Cookies? Sure, they have chocolate chip eyes (and, yes, I suppose chocolate chips count as candy), but the rest of this healthier treat by Jennifer Tyler Lee, the author of one of our favorite family cookbooks, The 52 New Foods Challenge, is non-candy sweetness at its best. Also, since this snack is made with sunflower seed butter, it’s nut-free, too.

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Fill hallowed out orange peels with a surprisingly healthy chocolate pudding to make this non-candy Halloween party treat | Yummy Mummy Kitchen

These Halloween Pudding Cups at Yummy Mummy Kitchen are irresistible, but I know what you’re thinking: How is chocolate pudding any better than candy? It’s not, unless you try making this Avocado Chocolate Pudding also by Jennifer Tyler Lee at 52 New Foods. Sure, there’s some cocoa and sugar, but a fairly minimal amount. Plus, they are paired with nutrient-rich avocado to balance things out. And in that orange cup, well, that adds to the healthy vibe!

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