Here are some of our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them, too.


How to make a snow globe cocktail. No way!

PNC built a life-sized gingerbread bank with a working ATM machine in Philadelphia.

10 awesome holiday beers.

Mark Bittman wants to establish a national drinking age for soda.


The secret to perfect spritz cookies—a scientific exploration! | Serious Eats

The secret to perfect spritz cookies.

One sugar cookie dough recipe, ten (or more!) easy Christmas cookies.

And even more! Easy cookie swap recipes that impress.

Meet the kingpin of the Girl Scout cookie black market. (And, more importantly, try to find his online store.)



Best new IG feed ever: Drake on Cake by Joy the Baker

Drake on cake. Joy the Baker, you are a genius. ? drop.

Apparently, normcore dining is a thing.

Start-ups focus on portable devices designed to detect E. coli, gluten, and other contaminants and allergens.

Organic Gatorade coming to a grocery store near you. Yes, really.