Here are our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them, too!


No way: A recipe for Rey’s instant bread from The Force Awakens.

Could a messy kitchen make you snack more than you should?

This sweet class of teenagers surprised their teacher with his first birthday cake in a decade. Aww…

Drinking wine at night could help you lose weight. Too good to be true? We hope not.


A life-sized maze, made completely of cake. We'd love to walk through this one.

A 7,000-square-foot maze made completely of cake (in LA, until March 31). If you get lost, just eat your way out.

It’s Oscar time! Here are 5 Oscar party cocktails and 7 easy Oscar-viewing dinner ideas.

In important Kardashian news, Cooking with Kylie is online. (We’re just happy it’s not Kooking with Kylie.)

Or, you could watch Jacque Pépin demonstrate 7 essential knife skills. Whoa.


Wine bottles disappear in this very cool wine rack by Pinetti.

The coolest wine rack ever.

Why cakes crack, and how to fix them.

Don’t miss the documentary The Missing Ingredient, a fascinating look into NYC’s beloved Gino’s restaurant. Plus, our editor Liz is interviewed in it!

La Colombe’s frothy, creamy Draft Latte in a can will be available online March 1. We can’t wait.