You guys, I found a great new blog called The Mocktail Club that’s all about, well, mocktails. I’ve found that most people treat non-alcoholic drinks as an afterthought or novelty. The mocktail is always that one drink that gets thrown in to make sure that nobody’s left out or is the topic of that once-a-year article featuring baby showers. While those are useful, The Mocktail Club is different.

Written by Marie, a 22-year-old who is allergic to alcohol, this site takes non-alcoholic mixology seriously. As seriously as the hipster bartenders who’ve taken over our cities take their boozy concoctions. And as someone who imbibes—but maxes out at two drinks (and is just tired all the time)—I’m pretty psyched about that.

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The Mocktail Club is a new publication, but off to a great start with killer recipes and fun how-to videos. If Marie keeps it up, which we hope she does, this could become a great source of mocktail recipes that you can visit over and over. For now, though, there is a small collection of tasty drinks to set you off right, including these two recipes that are on my to-make list for the weekend—and should be on yours, too.


A new site that's all about killer mocktail recipes like this Lime and Thyme Lemonade. Oh yea! | The Mocktail Club

I love the sound of combining lime juice and thyme like in this Lime and Thyme Lemonade recipe. And don’t worry: You’re not drinking a leafy herb! Rather, Marie uses thyme to infuse a simple syrup so that just a hint of the herbaceous flavor comes through to balance sour lime juice. Yum.

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Rosemary Blueberry Cooler from our newest favorite source of mocktail recipes. | The Mocktail Club

While not every recipe calls for them, I’m also crushing on this Rosemary Blueberry Cooler that calls for fresh herbs, too. As I see it, herbs (and spices) are what give mocktails dimension in the absence of booze, which add a complexity that’s often missing from non-alcoholic drinks. Plus, a hint of rosemary sounds like an intriguing partner for sweet and tart blueberries.

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