Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them, too!


Nike’s newest skate shoe looks downright tasty.

What 200 calories looks like in different foods. (Hint: You get way more carrots than you do M&Ms.)

What to do when your kids lie about sneaking snacks.

Can you eat fish when you’re pregnant? 5 myths debunked.


Ludwik the Guinea Pig, proving Instagram is weird and cute all at once.

The weirdest, cutest Instagram food account of the week. (h/t Food and Wine)

Cookie Monster + Siri = our favorite commercial of the week.

In the future, will we recharge our phones with moldy bread?

6 fabulous Easter cake recipes you don’t want to miss.


These Sprinkle Easter Egg Cookies at Sprinkle Bakes are so easy, you could make them today.

Easy and adorable Easter egg cookies that you can make today.

So, how does the new UberEATS service rate?

Crazy but true: The tip that helped Interpol catch the Paris attacker was his “unusually large” pizza order.

Big news from Mantry (one of our favorite food gift box subscriptions): lower prices and no strings attached. Yay!