Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them, too!


This 50’s pop-art style photography series is all about good taste—both kinds.

Must watch: Washington Post editors taste-test Gwyneth Paltrow’s $200 “smoothie” recipe.

In case you were wondering about the origin of Chinese takeout boxes.

Congrats to Mikaila Ulmer, the 11-year-old who just signed a huge deal with Whole Foods for her honey-sweetened lemonade that also helps the dwindling bee population.


Amazing, life-like lollipops by Japanese candy artist Shinri Tezuka.

Whoa! These life-like sculptures are actually edible lollipops by Japanese artist Shinri Tezuka.

50 cooking infographics that will help you in the kitchen.

PEZ cancelled their Easter egg hunt because parents went crazy and rushed the field. AKA, the article we thought had to be from The Onion, but isn’t.

If you need new pans, but can’t splurge all at once, 360 Cookware‘s new pan-of-the-month club might be for you. It’s a pretty good deal.


Your whiskey sour just got a lot more stylish, with these modern drink rocks from Areaware.

We’re loving these modern geometric whiskey rocks from Areaware.

Bad news for California wines: Monsanto’s glyphosate was found in 100% of wines tested, including organic ones.

Good news for GFF, an all gluten-free magazine. They’re ramping up to nationwide distribution this spring.