Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them, too!


Finger-lickin’ good fingernail polish—for real. In Hong Kong, at least.

What you need to know about the listeria recall in frozen foods.

We’d love to try this meal-kit delivery service based on NY Times recipes.


Mother's Day cereal bar at Fantabulosity. Easy and yummy! Perfect for the last minute.

We’re loving this easy, last-minute idea for a Mother’s Day cereal breakfast bar, even if you don’t style it exactly like this one. Because, reality.

Is your food making you feel anxious?

How to get the smell out of your cast iron without ruining its season.

The right way to reheat leftovers (i.e., no more soggy pizza).


ERZO prenatal vitamin biscuits (ie., cookies) in apple cinnamon flavor. Yum.

Prenatal vitamins that taste like cookies, because they are cookies. (h/t InStyle)

One more reason to get that extra cup of coffee in the morning.

What happened when people added a liter of water to their diet, and changed nothing else.

Also, what happened when our editor, Stacie, quit dieting and made 5 small changes to her diet instead.