Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!


We spotted more adorable Pokemon snacks on Mysan’s Instagram. Did you see the others on our Instagram feed this week?

How to make juice bar drinks…without a juicer.

Food safety labels you can trust at the grocery.


How fun is this Olympic swimming pool cake at Candiquik for your opening ceremony watching party?

An Olympic swimming pool cake at the CandiQuik blog that’s getting us excited for the opening ceremony.

A new process that makes milk last up to 9 weeks. Whoa. (h/t Eater)

Tips for those of you throwing a summer block party — including food!

The women who run Harlem’s farmer’s markets.


Um, what? A coffeemaker that uses the grounds as compost for a mushroom farm?

Um, what? This French press coffeemaker uses old coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.

We’re hoping these Chicago vending machines will make their way to us soon.

Interesting what Target is doing to help families be healthier.