Halloween has become a day to celebrate imagination and fun, so why stop at creative costumes? I say go all out with spooky Halloween recipes for dinner, too, whether you’re entertaining friends or just your family. These aren’t too hard to make, for the most part, and they’ll most definitely earn you the reputation of being the fun parent.

From easy appetizers to crazy cocktails, these Halloween dinner recipes will make your family’s evening even more exciting—and may even get them to eat their veggies. Because, when a pepper is dressed up like an eyeball, it’s really hard to tell that it’s a veggie anyway.

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Top: Stranger Wings | Self Proclaimed Foodie

Halloween Dinner Recipes: Appetizers

Spooky Halloween recipes: Monster Eyeballs at Meaningful Eats

I love these Monster Eyeballs at Meaningful Eats because they couldn’t be easier. In fact, I’ll probably just let the kids make these while I’m working on other parts of our dinner.
Spooky Halloween recipes: Stranger Wings at Self-Proclaimed Foodie

The black food coloring that’s added to the yummy Asian marinade on these Stranger Wings at Self Proclaimed Foodie really gives them a creepy vibe. In fact, maybe a little too creepy for me. If you like to eat with your eyes, maybe make a few without the coloring? Either way, the recipe looks like it tastes really good.
Spooky Halloween recipes: Ham & Cheese Mummy Pockets at Twisted Noodle

These Ham & Cheese Mummy Pockets at Twisted Noodle look so yummy and so easy thanks to store-bought puff pastry. I love that Jen also shares ideas on how to make these for breakfast or dessert, if ham and cheese isn’t your favorite. But in my house, these would go over great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner just as they are.

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Halloween Dinner Recipes: Main Entrees

Spooky Halloween recipes: Corpsy McCalzone at Lollipopsicle

Whoa, this recipe for Corpsy McCalzone: The Zombie You Can Eat at Lollipopsicle is incredible (and that name, hysterical). You get everything here: bread, veggies, meat, and pasta. Not to mention the bolognese sauce you can dip Corpsy’s legs and arms in after you tear them off his body. I love the idea of making this with Alexandra’s from-scratch kale pizza dough, but you can also use store-bought.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Zoodles with Pesto Sauce at Tasting Page

We may try to go healthy before our candy binge with this recipe for Zoodles with Pumpkin Kale Pesto at Tasting Page. If your kids are able to be trusted with a knife, let them carve their own peppers while you cook the zoodles (or noodles, if you prefer). Then tell them that they’re brains spilling out for a truly gory meal.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Eyeball Skillet at Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

I’m usually running around like crazy on Halloween, so a quick breakfast-for-dinner that still has spook factor, like this Eyeball Skillet at Strawberry Blondie Kitchen, is ideal. Those eyeballs are actually fried mushrooms, but no reason to tell the kids that. I’ve also seen this done with meatballs, which might be easier to make—or buy pre-made.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Vegan Mummy Pizzas at Veggies Save the Day

How cute (I mean, scary) are these little English Muffin Mummy Pizzas at Veggies Save the Day? Whether you have it in you to make individual pizzas on English muffins or bagels, or you opt to make one huge pie with this vegan sauce on regular pizza dough, these will be a big hit.

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Halloween Dinner Recipes: Desserts

Spooky Halloween recipes: Monster Oreo cookies at Sizzling Eats

Since my kids want to dive into their candy immediately after trick-or-treating, I tend to go easy on dessert for our Halloween party. But these easy Monster Oreo cookies at Sizzling Eats are great to have on hand for those who don’t go door-to-door with the kids. Because, Oreos.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Bleeding Candle Cookies at Kitchen at Hoskins

If you want to up the creep factor from those cute Oreos, try these Bleeding Candle Cookies at Kitchen at Hoskins. I don’t even know why a candle would bleed, but the idea is definitely spooky, and the cookie recipe looks yummy too.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Spider Cookies at Food Fanatic

Even the spider on top won’t stop me from eating these Peanut Butter and Chocolate Spider cookies at Food Fanatic. If you don’t get around to making these on Halloween, it’s a great way to use up leftover peanut butter cups after trick-or-treating. That is, if you have any left over.

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Halloween Dinner Recipes: Drinks

Spooky Recipes for Halloween: Bloody Shirley Temples at This Grandma Is Fun

Bloody Shirley Temple | This Grandma Is Fun

Halloween cocktails can be seriously impressive, but we’re excited to find a mocktail that our kids can enjoy too. This Bloody Shirley Temple at This Grandma Is Fun that we found for our round-up of creepy Halloween cocktails and mocktails is Halloween perfection. I’d just keep an eye on your kids if you don’t want to end up with grenadine shot all over your walls.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Unicorn Blood cocktail at The Flavor Bender

Unicorn Blood cocktail | The Flavor Bender

I can’t wait to try the Unicorn Blood cocktail at The Flavor Bender that we included in this year’s roundup of Halloween drink recipes. It has a peach flavor and a shimmer to it, which is very cool. Plus, dry ice makes any drink amazing for Halloween.

Spooky Halloween recipes: Halloween cocktail rings at Jelly Toast

I love this tip at Jelly Toast for making any drink festive with her Halloween cocktail rims. Black sugar crystals make for a spooky presentation and the decorated marshmallows will float in any drink, from a White Russian to a glass of milk. Just watch your lips, since they’ll turn black, too, if you’re not careful. I’m thinking that it’s best to serve these with a straw.

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