Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them too!


Top: The Great British Bake Off adult coloring book

Best menu translation ever.

Why we should be drinking whole milk, not skim.

Caffeinated peanut butter: Don’t let the kids get ahold of this.

We thought losing Mel & Sue might end the Great British Bake Off, but this news is very exciting.


Gah! This Great British Baking Show adult coloring book -- with Phil's amazing Lion Bread -- is on our wish lists.

And if you’re seriously obsessed (like we are), you’ll want to pre-order The Great British Bake Off adult coloring book (above & top). Stock up on your tan crayons for Paul’s Cecil the Lion bread.

Eww, this Stranger Things soup is so disturbing.

Whoa: The utensil of the future.

Hmm, should you pay your kids to eat healthy foods? We’re still thinking this one through.


We're mesmerized by the beautiful photographs on the Eating Patterns Instagram account.

Eating Patterns: Our newest Instagram food obsession.

Red wine hot chocolate?!?

Rosemary may be the key to incredible longevity in this small Italian village.

Would you pay $11 for one potato chip?