Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them too!


Whoa! These pies are incredible (top, @ThePieous on Instagram).

Um, yikes: A Red Bull & Vodka is basically the equivalent of a hit of cocaine.

Your last-minute Halloween food guide. More than 90 recipes, you guys.


Beer pairings for your Halloween candy. Genius! | The Kitchn

The best beer pairings for your Halloween candy at The Kitchn. Reese’s Cups and Oktoberfest, anyone?

A New York Times think piece on funfetti. Because, of course.

Forget performance-enhancing drugs. We’re going for performance-enhancing gelato.


We love these Ugly Fruit emoji that are working to eliminate food waste. | Hungry Harvest

Ugly fruit and veggie emojis with a social mission to cut down on food waste.

Are you the Halloween grinch? Then this DIY candy is for you.

Thoughts on how our political climate has ruined the traditional dinner party.