Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too.


What the world (doesn’t) need now: selfie Coca-Cola bottles.

Google maps now shows when bars and restaurants are crowded, helping parents of toddlers everywhere.

This program is teaching high schoolers how to feed the planet. Very cool.

Our friend Ilana at Mommy Shorts on why drinking (responsibly) in front of your kids may be good for them.


We're loving the new trend of gorgeous iridescent flatware, like this from CB2. | Cool Mom Eats

The iridescent flatware trend is on our favorite list right now.

So, did anyone make Piecaken this Thanksgiving?

Need to relieve some post-election or post-Thanksgiving stress? Try baking.

This toy that makes actual Starbucks coffee will be under the tree for my kids (really, me) this year.


Yum, we can't wait to try these globally sourced, locally made spices from Essie Spices. | Cool Mom Eats

Yum: these globally sourced, locally made African spices would make an amazing holiday gift.

And kale dark chocolate. A gift for your frenemies?

But my picky kids are loving the Kale Pack probiotic smoothies at Nomva lately. Yes, really.

And finally: The Fondoodler. Yes, this is real.