Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!


Goth ice cream!

And now there’s unicorn lemonade. (Make it stop.)

Coup: The new bar in NYC that’s donating 100% of its profits to organizations being defunded by the current presidential administration. Cheers to that.

Everything you need to know about the breads of Mexico, beyond tortillas.

Do food labels make you crazy? This is all you need to look for on dairy, eggs, and meat packaging.


You should be following Little Miss Bento on Instagram. So cute!

A very cool bento Instagram account you should follow. Because, whoa.

We’re so excited about Dorie Greenspan’s new New York Times food column. (It’s all about dessert!!)

One family’s quest for the magic of the unicorn frappucino. Hilarious.

Did you catch the Google Doodle celebrating Marie Harel, the French cheesemaker who, according to local legend, invented Camembert (and is, thus, our hero)?

A map of the most popular foods on Pinterest by state. (Really, Missouri?)


Churro action figures at Handmade Charlotte -- a fun Cinco de Mayo craft for the kids

Churro action figures to make with your kids for Cinco de Mayo.

Turns out, superfoods might just be a waste of money.

The ladies we love over at Boston Mamas, on teaching your kids to cook.

19th century princess and cookbook author was also Georgia’s first feminist.

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