Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!


Boozy wine popsicles, because summer!!! (Photo: @popspoparazzi on Instagram)

What happened when one family ate only meal kits for a month.

Now up for breakfast: caffeinated bagels. Two birds, one stone?

We love this Muslim home cook who is fostering tolerance by inviting people over for dinner.

Do you know the relationship between green, yellow, and red peppers? Mind blown.

A new food trend: cloud eggs. Have you tried them?


ZOMG!! Light Saber Churros at Disney Universal Studios! | @thatwonderfuldorothy on Instagram

@thatwonderfuldorothy on Instagram

ZOMG: Light Saber churros!

Hard seltzer is a thing.

Exciting breakthrough for people with gluten sensitivity.

And an interesting study that shows you shouldn’t eat gluten-free unless you’re Celiac.

Pickle-flavored ice pops. A new treat for pregnant moms, maybe?


Amazing! Powerpuff Girls bento box at Living Locurto

Powerpuff Girls sandwich art. Our kids would love this. Now if someone would just make it for them – ha!

Whoa: Shoe-shi!

The most retweeted tweet of all time is about Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

A confessional essay on the tension between being a food writer and the nature of excess.

A Lego-themed restaurant with Lego-themed burgers in the Philippines.

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