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Maybe this is how you wake up Dad this morning? Turn a carrot into a recorder! (Top photo: Foodiggity)

Today is Father’s Day! Quick: Pair one of these homemade Father’s Day food gifts with your choice of DIY Father’s Day cards, and you’re all set!

Or check out these Father’s Day gifts for men who are comfortable in the kitchen. (Print out a photo of the gift as an I.O.U.!)

Life lessons the Swedish Chef taught us.

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, when African-Americans gather to celebrate freedom with red foods and drink.

What you should know before attending your first Iftar.

Important tip: How to transport wine safely to picnics.

In case you don’t have enough bacon in your life, New Orleans has a bacon-themed restaurant.

Starbucks is donating money to the Born this Way Foundation through their “Cups of Kindness” collaboration with Lady Gaga.

Is it okay to kiss someone with food allergies?


hand-carved avocado | Daniele Barresi

This hand-carved avocado is spectacular!

Recall alert: Trader Joe’s matcha green tea ice-cream may contain small pieces of metal.

Lead in baby food? Ick!

Do you think these tricks to get people to eat more vegetables will work?

In case you aren’t over fidget spinners, here’s a new way to consume them, literally.

We already knew they rule the world, but now Amazon is taking over Whole Foods.

Epicurious published its list of 100 greatest home cooks of all time.

Cheerios knows how to play with food.

This fast food restaurant sign feud has us giggling.

Healthier frozen food? We’re listening.

Got a bunch of peaches on hand? Try grilled peaches with honey or peach and cherry skillet cobbler.


Japanese Woman Creates Cute Pop Culture Bento Boxes for Her Husband | kinakobun on Instagram
This inventive wife creates pop-culture-themed bento boxes for her husband. (Photo: kinakobun on Instagram)

These mama-to-be mocktails can help you beat the summer heat if you are pregnant or abstain from alcohol.

Do you agree with this ranking of the best types of fries?

This parent thinks bringing kids to restaurants can be fun. Do you agree?

Japan’s school lunches are more than just food.

Kitchen help, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa.

Skittles released white candy for Pride, but some people weren’t impressed.

Would you try unicorn pizza, or maybe watermelon pizza?

Try this delicious green lemonade ice pop. (Shh, you can add spinach or kale!)

A new baby food delivery service just launched; could be a life-saver!

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