Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

IKEA’s recipe posters make cooking simple.

It is time to go outside! Here are fun things to elevate your next picnic.

Beware: Our love of “all natural” is causing a vanilla shortage.

And this great cheese may be on its way out too. Boo.

McDonalds created minion fries. Are they available in your area?

If you have a lot of mason jars hanging around your kitchen, here are some fun desserts to make in mason jars.


Coconut oil: healthful or unhealthy?

The Coconut Oil Wars: some say coconut oil is unhealthy, but others say coconut oil can still be considered a health food.

Even more thoughts on why the AHA report about coconut oil being unhealthy may be unsound.

It is Lobster Month! But 132-year old Louie the Lobster won’t be eaten; he was released into the wild after spending 22 years of his life in a tank.

A healthier burger.

For all those bread-lovers out there, turns out sourdough bread can keep you healthy.

Did you know that chocolate milk does not come from brown cows?

Alice Waters urges Amazon to use their new power in the food world for good.

Watching this cooking show may confer health benefits.

The best way to bring coffee along when you travel.


Color Changing Lemonade Slushie | The Flavor Bender

This color-changing lemonade slushie looks fun and magical.

Watch out! There is a tick that causes meat-allergies.

Live in LA? Grab one of these rolled ice-cream tacos.

Recall alert: Several hummus products are being recalled from Target and Walmart.

If sipping rosé isn’t enough for you, you can now put it on your armpits. Yes, rosé deoderant is a thing.

This writer shares how using numbers for weight loss doesn’t add up.

Eid al-Fitr begins soon. Here are lots of Eid recipes from around the world to help you celebrate.

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