Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

Use food to beautify your face. Yes, really. [Photo via Roxxsaurus on YouTube]

Save money and a trip to the store: Make your own powdered sugar.

A way to weight loss: Does coffee speed up your metabolism?

People are finally speaking up against school lunch debt shaming policies.

The best websites for coordinating meals.


Kia Patterson owns the first Black-owned grocery store in Compton, CA

Kia Patterson is breaking barriers as the owner of the first Black-owned grocery store in Compton, CA.

This “everything bagel” sushi roll could either be delicious or disastrous. What do you think?

Bat rats love sushi too!

A new type of sandwich you have to try.

This nutritionist says you are better off eating a donut than vegetable chips.

Do you eat this heathful food?


Instant Ramen Pringles Exist | Fooddiggity

Top Ramen Pringles: Ae you horrified or excited?

Mixing newborns and restaurants.

Doctors are studying what chimpanzees eat to gain insight into possible treatments for human disease.

An alcoholic remedy for hayfever — we’re in!

How the French do summer cocktails.

Frozen breakfasts to eat when it is hot.

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