Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

This DIY flamingo pool float cake would be a hit for your summer party.

And maybe add some of these French pasteries for good measure.

Don’t let your outside food fun turn dangerous: here’s how to clean your grill safely.

If you are in or near Atlanta, make sure to visit these establishments for Black Restaurant Week, which kicks off next week.

Healthful toddler faves, all in one place.

An easy pear-kale baby food recipe.

Burger Straws | Foodiggity

A new way to eat your burger and sip your drink.

Which fast-food restaurant has the best fries?

Here’s how to eat an avocado for every meal.

Have you heard of this new diet trend?

Be sure to tell your favorite restaurants about this app.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about bananas.

Blueberry Lemonade | flickr / jauretsi

There’s more than one way to spike your lemonade. [image: flickr / jauretsi]

After all, this study claims alcohol improves memory.

Add in these alcoholic icy pops, too.

But this restaurant has a one-drink policy for parents.

Use this simple cucumber salad to cool off.

Coke Zero becomes Coke Zero Sugar

Did they learn nothing from the “New Coke” fiasco? Coke Zero is being rebranded as Coke Zero Sugar, and yes, it comes with a formula rework, so stock up on the original version ASAP!

Are you eating corn wrong?

Make your own nut butter: it isn’t hard.

Do you need this new multi-tasking appliance?

Grocery stores are dumbing-down the shopping experience for men.

This son nails his mother’s “food poisoning face”. (Aw, feel better soon!)

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