Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!


We love these adorable sushi plush pillows. Raw fish: good to eat and snuggle with too!

A tequila drink you may not know about.

And bookmark this “daytime” daiquiri recipe, if you need a lighter option.

Don’t forget these essential food safety tips.

What we suspected: This study finds a link between sugar and mood disorders.

How to be simultaneously strong and a vegan.

Save these freezer-friendly individual chicken pot pies for those days when you want comfort food in a jiffy.

Would you try this bizarre new food?


Bubble Bros on Instagram: A Prosecco bar on wheels. We're in!
A dream come true: A Prosecco bar on wheels!

Or head down to one of these healthful fast-food places that might overtake their less-healthful competitors.

And keep in mind the choices nutritionists make at traditional fast-food restaurants. (So helpful for end of summer travel.)

This simple summer salad sounds delicious!

Surprise! Most Americans eat too much protein.

Warning: Don’t eat cherry pits.

When prepare-it-ahead goes too far.

And then not far enough.


Nerdy Nummies has a new baking line coming out. Fun! | Cool Mom Eats
Check out this fun new baking line from one of our favorite cooking YouTube channels for kids.

You don’t need to leave the U.S. to buy these international foods.

Fantastic news from Target about kids snacks just in time for Back to School season.

New Polar Seltzer flavors are coming — and they are magical.

Here’s a fun new flavor combination for jam.

This earthquake-ruined village now is back on the food map.

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