Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

We love how the simple mushroom becomes beautiful, thanks to fungi artist Jill Bliss.

Uh-oh! Moscow Mule lovers beware: your copper mug could be poisoning you.

Mmmmm, this waffle s’mores sandwich sounds divine.

This restaurant adapts to any weather.

Still some travel to do this summer? Here are some easy snacks to take on the airplane.

Are you getting enough chocolate in your diet?

No need to reserve this treat for the carnival, savory funnel cakes might be your next dinner.


Squid ice-cream cone at Fooddiggity

Would you tackle eating this squid ice-cream cone?

Or perhaps a mermaid churro is more up your alley?

What this person learned when she gave up alcohol.

Turns out, there are many health benefits to drinking hot water.

And eating watermelon is pretty healthful too.

If your ice cream maker no longer satisfies your cravings, consider this instant frozen yogurt maker.

And if you want ice cream that doesn’t melt, talk to Japan.


Moon Cookies by Oh Sugar Events

August 21st is the solar eclipse! Check out these solar-eclipse party ideas, including the out-of-this-world cookies pictured above.

Here’s the difference between all those flours on your grocery store’s shelves.

This winery makes wine without grapes.

Rosé is big these days, so perhaps it isn’t suprising that Rosé gin is now a thing.

Would this vegan salad be okay with you?

If you find yourself in Spain, check out this ham museum.

Everything you every wanted to know about the fortunes in fortune cookies.

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