Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

Armchair psychologist? Analyze what your friends see in these fun Inkblot Cupcakes at Handmade Charlotte.

Speaking of what’s on the mind, be sure to check out our school lunch help. (So many easy ideas!)

And jazz up school lunch with these tips.

Or maybe the solar eclipse is forefront on your mind? In that case, check out these galaxy-pleasing sweets.

Also — get ready for it — it’s time for the pumpkin’ing of all things. First up: Pumpkin Pie M&Ms.

As if Taco Bell burritos aren’t already explosive enough, their new Firecracker Burrito includes spicy pop-rocks.

Not quite as spicy as Taco Bell’s plans, but here’s a Sriracha-Lime Ranch Dressing recipe that sounds crazy flavorful.


Icy, Sweet and Instagram-Ready | New York Times
These desserts are definitely Instagram-ready.

How to make banana ice-cream.

This 106-year-old fruitcake is almost edible.

The ultimate heist: A semi with 20 tons of Nutella and chocolate has vanished.

Once you are done guzzling all that wine you need to make it through the back-to-school season, here are some wink cork crafts you can make.

Surprising uses for garlic that you may not have known about.

Well, this is interesting: clean eating debunked. Thoughts?


The 10 Levels of Marshmallow Toastiness (& How to Achieve Perfection) | Food52
How to achieve the ultimate marshmallow toastiness perfection — whatever level of toastiness you like.

This felted food is so adorable!

There is more than one way to eat a hot dog. Check out these hot dog recipes before summer ends!

This diet only works if you are wealthy.

Would you eat a $108 sandwich?

In case you are wondering, Trader Joe’s thinks that these are the best foods to buy at Trader Joe’s.

We happen to think that these are the best foods to buy at Trader Joe’s — to save money while feeding a family.


Gluten Free Art via the Gluten Free Museum
Life without gluten can lead to some huge differences — and there is doctored art to prove it.

In case regular yoga isn’t your thing, try Chicken Nugget Yoga.

Here are some terrific kid-friendly kitchen knives to help get kids in the kitchen.

Delicious kid-made recipes: cheddar corn fritters!

Who says ground turkey is boring? Here are some non-boring ways to prepare ground turkey.

These college kids created a sushi bar in their dorm room. Wonder if Anthony Bourdain’s sushi rules apply there?

Beware if you are addicted to this drink.

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