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It’s already Pumpkin Spice Latte season! At least, that’s what this Pumpkin Spice Latte tracker tells us.

(And some people — er, things —  are really excited about it!)

Oh, and it doesn’t stop at lattes. There’s also pumpkin-pie-flavored cookie dough.

And if you are really adventurous, pumpkin spice Peeps.

Though, take note, pumpkin spice lovers: Maple might end pumpkin spice’s dominance.

Even without pumpkin spice (or maple), you can embrace fall flavors: These chefs share their autumn food and beverage pairings.


Pokeball lunch container

This Pokeball snack container is an adorable way to encourage kids to eat their lunch.

What has the world become? No more Pizza Time Players at Chuck E. Cheese.

Recipes for your next fiesta night!

One person’s experience giving up peanut butter.

And this person cut out soy from her diet — but not sugar. You’ll be surprised at what happened.


Woo Collective’s Bar Accessories Swirl Out Bitterness From Wine | Design Milk

This cool looking decanter will swirl out any bitterness from your wine.

A big “thank you” to this alcohol distributor for bottling water instead of beer for Harvey victims.

Anthony Bourdain’s documentary tackles our need to take on food waste.

Oreo-flavored M&Ms are coming!

And mystery-flavored Oreos are also arriving soon. (Too risky?)

Kids need to eat lunch. That’s why this dad is paying off all student lunch debt in his state.


Dill pickle sorbet | Delish

Dill pickle sorbet might be exactly what you are craving. Maybe? If you’re pregnant?

A $128 ice-cream cone?!

Certified-organic junk food is on its way to Whole Foods.

Or maybe you’d rather whip up one of these DIY versions of popular snacks that give processed ingredients the boot.

This healthful frozen food manufacturer wants to open a fast food restaurant.

Have you heard of adding olive oil to chocolate?

Oooh! Chocolate brownies with zucchini and without gluten.

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