Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

Pink chocolate has arrived!

Breast-milk latte, anyone?

Some people have money to burn… er… eat.

Here’s a super simple cilantro lime black bean recipe you can take to work or turn into a dinner.

It is time to drink your cheesecake.


Seoul barista transforms coffee into beautiful works of art | CNN Travel

Yes, this is an actual latte.

This app-controlled spoon can sense the doneness of foods.

Bottoms up! This study indicates that drinking together is a great secret to a long-lasting relationship.

Use up the last of your summer blueberries with this gluten-free blueberry almond cake recipe.

Crusty white bread with a throwback ingredient. Perfect for Thanksgiving.

The pettiest lawsuits against fast food chains.


Italian Nonna recipe | Your Food Tube

A cake without milk, butter, or eggs!?

Make some room on your shelf: Here are the best cookbooks to buy this fall.

We love this sandwich family tree.

These people don’t eat for days. On purpose.

The best butchers are women. Here’s why.

Wonderful news! New York is offering free lunch to all students who attend public school.

Alcoholic yogurt exists.

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