Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

More about Japan’s mastery of 200+ Kit Kat flavors. [Top photo: Food Republic]

Did you know you can order food on Facebook?

Is the traditional recipe dead?

An epic sale on Le Creuset, but with a catch.

Coffee: healthful or no?


How to order all the Halloween drinks at Starbucks, yes, including the Vampire Frappuccino | Cool Mom Eats

All the Halloween Starbucks drinks, including Vampire Frappuccinos.

A mind-blowing tweet, that also happens to be social media a-game.

A prolific cookbook author and food critic shares how she gets everything done.

Our favorite monster is getting his own cooking show!

Do you enjoy playing with your food?


Spooky School Lunch ideas for Halloween | Weelicious

We love these spooky school lunch ideas.

A $1000 bagel. Yes, seriously.

Here are some canned pumpkin recipes in case you have a few on hand. (But will pumpkin spice destroy us all?)

Uh, oh. This restaurant was buying, reheating, and serving fast food to its customers.

Here is a great gift for your favorite foodie.