Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

Instagrammer En93kitchen uses anime as inspiration to style food and it’s amazing! [h/t Bored Panda]

Alert for Harry Potter fans: you’ll love Williams Sonoma’s new kitchen line.

This healthy snack platter looks delicious!

If you love the smell of fried chicken, these KFC bath bombs are for you.

This Muslim chef finds meaning in making his own pork patty.

This mom thinks children’s grocery carts should be banned.

Here’s how to make parkin. (But do you know what it is?)

Americans have stopped eating leftovers.

These socks are made especially for chefs.


The Burger King Shaved Off His Mustache and Beard... for Movember!
The Burger King has a new look for Movember.

Here are some Thanksgiving dishes you won’t believe are vegan.

An entire Thanksgiving meal as a casserole. Whoa. (And easy?)

Check out this clear pumpkin pie if you are tired of the orange stuff.

Or perhaps try one of these easy Thanksgiving desserts for people who don’t bake.

This restaurant hopes to become the “McDonalds of Pasta.”

In case you are wondering: this is what is in your imitation crab.

Have you done any of these grocery store “don’t”s?