Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

It isn’t too late to start a new Christmas breakfast tradition. [Photo: Happy Wish Company]

Good news: some things you think are bad to eat, aren’t!

In case you run out of this critical ingredient, here’s how to make baking powder.

Have a teen? Bring them to one of these teen-friendly restaurants.


Unicorn Cereal at Foodiggity

Yes, unicorn cereal exists.

Or, do you think the glitter food trend needs to end?

Taco Bell delivery is coming.

The golden rules for eating sushi according to one expert.


Candy Cane Cups | Sugar Hero

50 ways to use broken candy canes, including these clever Candy Cane Cups at Sugar Hero (pictured). So helpful!!

Or maybe forget candy canes and bake a batch of these delicious peppermint cookies instead. Mmm.

There are risks to going gluten-free.

Interesting tip: how to clean a cast iron skillet with a potato.

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