Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

If your Valentine is a cheese aficionado, be sure to download and print these free cheesy pun cheese wrappers at Design is Yay.

We are laughing over the Nutella riots in France.

This stinky restaurant makes all of its dishes out of durian fruit.

The secret ingredient in this astronaut’s food is one we’d prefer to keep in the restroom.

How sandwiches contribute to global warming.


Food embroidery you can play withYou can actually play with these fun embroidered miniature meals by Japanese textile artist Ipnot.

Bravo to this kind-hearted baker who started National Muffin Day to feed the homeless.

This Is Us creators may owe an apology to CrockPot. (And, for the record, we’re #TeamCrockPot all the way.)

And, yes, because we’re also side-eying Instant Pot for these depictions of men “helping” with dinner on their cookbook covers.

An awesome way to save time: check out these meal planning apps for families.


A mountain cake to celebrate the Winter Olympics | You Are My FavoriteWe love this Winter Olympics cake. So fun!

And we’ll take a pass on these questionably-decorated baked goods.

Alert: Cheesecake Factory brown bread is coming to grocery stores!

It looks cool, but here’s how to actually use black garlic.

Do you know how to buy olive oil?