Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!


Whip up this amazing vibranium pie for a Black Panther themed dinner, or maybe just because… SO COOL!  [Jenn Fujikawa for Nerdist]

You can even serve this Wakandan Jeweled Vegetable Pilau with Berbere Braised Lamb for maximum impact.

We love this brilliant way to store recipes.

Have you ever wondered what drinking for a living is really like?

Sometimes our cookware mean so much more than just their use in the kitchen.


In case you want your fridge to be a fashion statement: Dolce Gabbana x Smeg refrigerators. (Whoa!) | Cool Mom Eats

If you want your refrigerator to be a fashion statement, check out the Dolce Gabbana x Smeg partnership.

School lunch: yet another form of parent competition? (Perhaps, but we wish we were this talented!)

Croissant purists might want to turn away from Instagram.

File under tips you didn’t know you needed: How to keep your burger from getting soggy.


Salvador Dali inspired cakes from Icing Insight. Amazing!

We are in awe of this gorgeous Salvador Dali-inspired cake, and this amazing zoetrope cake too.

Rules for eating out apply to the restaurants, as well as to the patrons.

For those who want to play with their tequila, this fun product might fit the bill.

The appeal of mug cakes, and why you shouldn’t use a mix for them.

Recall alert! Canadians: If you have this marshmallow candy, take heed.

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