Here are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!

These kits from CostCo will feed a family of four for a year. Guess how much it costs!

We applaud this teen waitress who went above and beyond for her customer.

White diners pay more for their food at this establishment.

What is behind the fermented food trend?

Unicorn Rainbow Pancakes from Hello Wonderful

These unicorn rainbow pancakes are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! (Plus, don’t miss these rainbow treats! And add these rainbow piñatas.)

Here’s one interesting way to celebrate Pie, er, Pi Day.

Environmentalists are cheering this fast food burger.

Which weird fast food can you get in your state?

Favorite Jelly Bean By State | The Candy Store

Which jelly bean flavor is the favorite in your state? (Click through for an interactive map by The Candy Store!)

They might be easy to grab to eat healfully, but do bagged greens hold their nutrients?

Can you guess what are the most Jewish foods?

Why you should stop using kosher salt.

Ever wonder what kids eat that isn’t food?

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