I usually give a playful nod to Saint Patrick’s Day in my cooking, since it’s not the type of holiday that gets me excited to spend all day in the kitchen like Christmas or Thanksgiving. But this year, thanks to my Instant Pot, it’s a lot easier to do more than just make rainbow smoothies.

With these five Irish recipes for the Instant Pot, I plan on exploring traditional Irish cuisine, and if you have an Instant Pot, too, I encourage you to do the same. Because, after all, the holiday is about so much more than just green beer and leprechauns.

Top: Instant Pot Irish Colcannon | Hey Let’s Make Stuff 

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Irish Instant Pot recipes for St. Patrick's Day: Instant Pot Irish Lamb Stew | Food by Mars

Lamb always feels like special occasion fare to me, but I love that this Instant Pot Irish Lamb Stew at Food by Mars feels celebratory while only taking 15 minutes of hands-on time. And since the lamb stew comes together so quickly, you might want to whip up Allison’s Irish Soda Bread while you’re at it. It’s also a super easy recipe that happens to be paleo and sugar free too.


Irish Instant Pot recipes for St. Patrick's Day: Instant Pot Irish Colcannon | Hey Let's Make Stuff

If there’s one thing the Irish do really well, it’s potatoes. And this Instant Pot Irish Colcannon at Hey Let’s Make Stuff is the perfect quick, easy take on the traditional recipe. Pressure-cooking the potatoes is a brilliant way to save time — and to avoid supervising a boiling pot of water when you have better things to do.

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Irish Instant Pot recipes for St. Patrick's Day: Instant Pot Corned Beef Brisket | Boulder Locavore

Keep an eye out for corned beef brisket at your grocery store this week. It’s usually only available around this time of year, and this Instant Pot Corned Beef Brisket recipe at Boulder Locavore is the perfect way to take advantage of its yearly appearance. The leftovers beautifully lend themselves to sandwiches, so this recipe’s soooo worth the 10 minutes of prep time it requires.

And if you’re reading this despite not owning an Instant Pot, but do own a slow cooker, you can always follow our recipe for Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage, which is also perfect for the holiday — and really any other time you are inclined to make it.


Irish Instant Pot recipes for St. Patrick's Day: Instant Pot Apple Crisp | Confessions of a Foodie

If you want something similar to traditional Irish apple cake, try this Instant Pot Apple Crisp at Confessions of a Foodie, which is a healthy and quick twist on the original. The Instant Pot gets the apples soft and sweet in seven minutes flat. Magical. (Or should I say, magically delicious?)


Irish Instant Pot recipes for St. Patrick's Day: Instant Pot Irish Cream Dream | Slow Cooker Gourmet

Speaking of magical, this Instant Pot Irish Cream Dream at Slow Cooker Gourmet has me very excited about St. Patrick’s night after my son goes to bed. Because while this one’s not appropriate for kids, it’s very appropriate for the parents who take care of them. All. Day. Long. Just use your Instant Pot’s slow cooker function, and you’ll be in (sweet, boozy) business.

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