If you’re as mesmerized by the incredible, intricate cookie designs on instagram feeds like ABC Bakery or Dous Dolce as I am, you’re going to want to try this new DIY Easter cookie kit we found from Red Velvet NYC — complete with decorating diagrams, so you can’t mess it those cute chicks and bunny paw print cookies.

(Although, I’m sure I could find a way.)

My baking-obsessed child will want to help me with Easter cookies, so I love how this kit includes everything but the (real) egg — including the dry ingredients, an Easter egg cookie cutter, food color, piping bags and parchment paper. They even send butter! But fear not, the butter won’t show up in the box as a puddle. It’s stored to keep it fresh, and shipped to arrive in just 1-2 days.

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Make adorable Easter cookies with this DIY Easter cookie kit at Red Velvet NYC

Come on, parents and caregivers, we can do this. Right? And if not for us, consider sending it to another family as a super cool DIY Easter gift. What could be sweeter than a little time spent together baking over the weekend?

Order your DIY Easter cookie kit from Red Velvet NYC for delivery in 1-2 days. Sign up for their emails (those ubiquitous pop-up ads will show you the way) and get 10% off your order. 

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