Here are some of the coolest food links around the web this week. Hope you like them too!

A pink confetti Simpson’s “D’ohnut” is officially a thing. And we are here for it! Or…we’ll have to travel for it. But that’s okay too. (h/t The Takeout)

A little closer to home: donut fries were just introduced by a major chain. There goes the diet.

Step up from your La Croix with a new Rosé Hard Seltzer, out just in time for the summer.

Domino has an excellent taste test of all the coconut water brands — see which are far more drinkable than others.

A cotton candy smoothie recipe? Yes please.

Love this trick to help you see where your supermarket dairy is coming from.

Check out this perfectly disgusting recipe for your Walking Dead season finale party.

These 3-D jelly cakes may look good to eat, but feel free to dig in. Amazing work from Siew Heng Book or @siewheng83 on Instagram

Cool food science activity for kids. Better yet, it involves Pringles.

The newest parental outrage debate: Should babies be allowed in breweries?

For you families in small spaces: Get inspired by this lovely kitchen that’s under 300 square feet.

Scientific proof: dishwashing is the worst of all the home chores. Here’s why.